4 in 1 Cyber Security Platform

Harden your cyber security the easy way.

Add SecurityHive to your cloud, traditional or hybrid environment to gain insights into vulnerabilities and block intruders.

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Easily resolve vulnerabilities

Gain insights into security risks

New vulnerabilities get discovered and abused every day. It's impossible to check your whole infrastructure and determine the next steps daily. Manage your risks with automated scans.

Known when you're hacked

Know when you've been compromised

You have taken security measures to keep the bad guys outside. But what if one of your security measures fails and someone gets access to your environment? Immediately alarmed by Intrusion Detection Sensors.

View reports for your mail delivery.

Block phishing and CEO fraud

Email domains get misused to send phishing mails, out of your name. Monitor and secure your email domain to prevent phishing and CEO fraud. Discover abuse attempts and improve both email security and deliverability.

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