How HOB ICT Security is protecting companies with SecurityHive

By Kevin Groen
April 24, 2023

HOB ICT Security shows companies the importance of cybersecurity with SecurityHive

Cyber Security threats are constantly increasing, with around 45% of Dutch businesses having already fallen victim, and this number continuing to grow. It is therefore not surprising that customers of HOB ICT Security are increasingly recognizing the importance of cyber security. Nevertheless, Arjan Benschop, co-owner of HOB ICT Security, is still occasionally shocked by the state of a company’s online security.

This is why HOB ICT Security not only provides IT services to its customers but also helps them secure their networks against cybercrime. To identify vulnerabilities, he uses SecurityHive's Vulnerability Management solution. After the first security scans, it is usually no longer necessary to explain why the Honeypot -a silent alarm for hackers- is not a luxury.

Risks for SMEs

Arjan worked as a security specialist for large companies for ten years and now uses his knowledge and experience to provide cyber security services to SMEs. He, therefore, started HOB ICT Security at the end of 2019, and a few months later, Ronald van der Westen joined as his partner.

Arjan said, “We both worked for large organizations such as the Dutch National Railways, Vitens, ABN AMRO Bank, and the Dutch National Police. However, the majority of Dutch businesses are less than those companies, and for these SMEs, the risk of cybercrime is the same. That's why we use our years of experience at HOB ICT Security to offer affordable cybersecurity services to SMEs.”

Pointing out vulnerabilities

Arjan notes that there is increasing attention to the importance of online security within these mid-sized companies. They understand why cyber security measures are necessary. However, he still needs to point out vulnerabilities to companies. "IT and cyber security are two different professions. When we provide IT services to clients, we often alert them to cyber security. From the government's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), there are basic measures that every company must take. These are minimal, such as backups. Almost every company has a backup, but it's shocking to see how few companies test it during the year to see if it still works. The same applies to actively testing the corporate network for vulnerabilities. Companies often don't do this. But once I show them what SecurityHive scanners do, no one says they don't need it.”

Affordable cyber security services

Arjan therefore still sees many vulnerabilities in corporate networks. "Threats in this area are increasing, and customers are also experiencing this. It is also increasingly a requirement in business relationships. Accountants, for example, are required to check whether their clients take sufficient security measures once they reach a certain turnover. Even when working with larger suppliers, you can expect to be asked how your cyber security is arranged.”

Because HOB ICT Security works with SMEs, affordable quality is required. "Ronald and I were used to working with large companies, which have a sufficient budget available for cyber security. This is usually different for SMEs. That's why we went searching for a well-priced service. Through a partner, we found SecurityHive. Like us, they have the speed of a small company. The quality of the services is good, and it is easy to manage. They are one phone call or chat away to help us immediately."

Prevent and improve

Customers of HOB ICT Security use the Vulnerability Management solution and the Honeypot of SecurityHive. Arjan said, "With Vulnerability Management, we identify vulnerabilities and then fix them. It, therefore, works as an extra pair of eyes to show the customer why improvement is necessary. We also use the Honeypot, which is a silent alarm that goes off when your network is under attack. This provides the opportunity to act immediately in the event of an online threat to lower the impact.” HOB ICT Security unburdens companies completely. “As we deliver Security as a Service, we implement the solutions and explain the dashboard if necessary. We monitor and evaluate every month.”

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With the expertise and experience of HOB ICT Security, they deliver companies a secure company network. Arjan: “It’s getting busier and together with the growing number of cyber incidents, we hope that the awareness keeps growing with it.”

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