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Your main problems

Gather as much information as you can about an attack on your infrastructure.


Who is behind the attack? Is it a bot, is it a fired employee or is it ..? How can I find out more about the hacker?


What is the purpose of this attack? Why am I being attacked? What devices and information is being targeted?

Legal information

How can I report this attack with information to the authorities? Where can I find the necessary information?

Get to know the hacker

Our Honeypot® will analyze every attack and try to identify the hacker and attack including behaviour and fingerprinting. Everything you need to gather all useful information in a simple and easy to deploy device.

  • Holds up an attack for as long as possible.
  • Gathers all possible information about an attack and attacker.
  • Creates insight in the behaviour of the hacker in our cloud dashboard.

Gather legal information

By containing and analyzing the attack you can gather information to report to the authorities. This helps you in legal processes and as evidence for your insurance. It's bothersome enough that a hacker made it's way through your Firewall, IDS and other "front-door" security mechanisms. Let's make sure that they don't cause more insurance and legal trouble than needed.

  • Makes the hassle that comes with a hack or data-breach easier for you.
  • Gathers useful information for legal and insurance purposes.
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