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Your main problems

Awareness is your first defence and forms the fundament for future improvements in the world of Cyber Security.

Not the right measurements

In most cases a Security Breach is discovered after more than 6 months. Only focussing on prevention is not enough.

Little Support

If not aware of the malicious activity, organisations tend to not invest largely in improving their Cyber Security.

Not knowing

Without the right measurements and without support within your organisation your organisation is a sitting duck.

Insights into what happend, and how it happend

By deploying our Honeypot, Malicious activity can easily be detected which gives more support in improving Cyber Security.

  • Gather valuable information about attacks, to further improve your security
  • Easily whitelist devices on Port and IP-level to filter traffic.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly status updated about your Honeypot network.

Easily integrated into any Application

With our Public API, we've made it possible to easily integrate our Honeypot into any SIEM, Monitor environent or application, since we believe in combining valuable information.

Generate multiple API Keys for different systems and combine information into one central environment. We do not expect you constantly view our portal, we'll bring valuable information to you.

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