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Your main problems

Botnets are everywhere and can easily infiltrate and spread across your network, if not properly prepared

Spreads easily

Infected systems are difficult to contain, without information on how it happend, when it happend and on which device.

Complex recovery

Without valuable information about the infection a factory reset is the most chosen solution, which is an extremely timeconsuming process.

Unknown source

Infections spread like wildfire and without knowing the source of the infection its difficult to prevent it from happening again.

Once triggered, every mutation is logged

With our Honeypot, infected systems can easily be detected. Once triggered it will automatically notify you and gather valuable information about mutations that happend.

  • Automatic notifications through Slack, Email, SMS or Custom Integration.
  • Create fake devices inside your network to trick infected systems.
  • Once triggered, it interacts like a normal device to give you more time to respond.

The movement detection, inside your Network

Even something as simple as a port scan will now be detected inside your network. With more than 8 different supported protocols, you can create almost any kind of server you want.

Every network is segmented and therefore our Honeypot supports multiple physical and virtual network interfaces. One single Honeypot can now easily be deployed in multiple VLAN's.

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