We trap and detect hackers in your network with our Honeypot® Software

Hackers and virussess can bypass your firewall, virusscanner and other security measures. Our product can detect and trap hackers when they got inside your network. Waste their time and deflect them to minimalize damage and gather important data about the hacker. This way you can improve your security measures and use gathered information for business decisions.

How our Honeypot® Software helps you

Minimalizes damage

Our Honeypot behaves like a trap and deflects hackers from your servers and devices. You will get notified immediately when a hacker is detected. This way damage can be minimalized.

Improves security measures

Information gathered by our Honeypot is useful get insights into how a hacker or virus has accessed your network. Use this information to improve your security measures.

Supports business cases

Your business case to upgrade a firewall or improve other security measures can be supported by information gathered by our Honeypot. It makes it easier to understand why those improvements are necessary.

Supports legal actions

Our Honeypot gathers data about the attack and it's source. It can be used to catch a hacker, prove guilt, submit evidence or to show your insurance you have taken security measures.

Functions of SecurityHive Honeypot

Our Honeypot Software has a lot of useful functions! The functions below are the most important but only a handful of what the Honeypot can do. Try it yourself

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