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Your main problems

Cyber Security breaches happen
so make sure you can act quickly.

Unknown Source

It costs a lot of valuable time to determine the source of an attack while the hacker still has acces to your network, especially if the hacker already infected other devices.


Hackers will try to infect as many devices as possible in the shortest amount of time. It's often too late to prevent this unless you have taken measures to detect attacks/infections.


Hacks can cause outage of your IT infrastructure which costs a lot of money for the company. The downtime prevents your employees and business processes to continue.

Trace the attack

Use our Honeypot® to trace the source of the attack in your network. Use this information to improve your network security and shutdown the existing attack.

  • Capture valuable information about the source of the attack.
  • Use information to shutdown an existing attack.
  • Get notified with valuable information (via multiple and custom channels) to respond quickly..

Minimalize damage

Our Honeypot will enable you to act quickly and minimalize damage to your servers and infection of clients. Incident Response Time should be reduced to a minimum to prevent or minimalize outages of your IT infrastructure and business processes. During an attack the Honeypot® notifies you immediately and in the meanwhile gathers information and evidence about the attack.

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