Your security is our priority

We believe it's important to show transparency and take the right measures to protect our customers and their data.


Supplier check

We ask and check our suppliers to maintain a certain level of maturity of Cyber Security in their organization to prevent Supply Chain Attacks.


We perform regular backups and store them securely in a separate datacenter & network to prevent both physical & virtual access at the same location.


We use Transport Layer Security and Data At Rest encryption to make sure data gets transported and is stored safely.


We monitor our infrastructure both internally and externally to get notified of issues in a premature stadium.

Least privilege

Employees only get the permissions they need for their job to prevent them from accessing systems they don't need.


We follow the ISO27001 and NIST framework standards to maintain a mature Cyber Security level and improve our security.

Code checks

We use Static Code Analysis, Linting, Secret Detection, Dependency Scanning, Testing, and Container Scanning to detect weak spots in our code and improve its quality. Code gets reviewed by other developers before it goes live.

Audit Logs

We maintain audit logs in all of our systems to review abnormal activity and track changes.


There's much more we do to protect you and your data. Are you missing something that should be listed on this page? Let us know.


Your data may get processed by one of the organizations listed below. We've identified, checked and described them to let you know the details.

Google Cloud Platform

SecurityHive's services are mainly hosted on Google Cloud Platform within the European region, mainly in The Netherlands.


TransIP is one of our network, fallback, and backup providers. All servers are hosted in The Netherlands.


Our payments get processed by Stripe.


Stripe hosts our billing and subscription service. It creates your monthly invoice and enables you to manage your subscription.


Our support and knowledge base are provided to you via Intercom.

Pipedrive & HubSpot

To maintain customer relationships we use Pipedrive & HubSpot for our account managers.