Known when you're hacked

Catch hackers with honey

What's the impact when a single door stays open? Our Network Intrusion Detection System warns you when hackers entered your network. Learn more about 1 of 4 solutions in our platform. Don't be too late.

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Mock any device in your network

Becomes any device in your Network

Most companies focus on their preventive security, but what if a hacker successfully compromised your network? Take advantage of our Network Intrusion Detection System to act as your safety net. It will lure hackers, keep them busy and deflect them from trying to hack real assets.

Detailed view of honeypot detections.

Know when and how to respond

Detailed information about a hacker gathered by our sensors, enables you to make the right decisions. Block the hacker, improve your security, and take legal action.

How Honeypot Technology Protects Your Network

Understanding Attack Patterns

With Honeypot technology from SecurityHive, you gain deep insights into hackers' attack patterns. By analyzing their behavior and methods, you can better predict and prevent future attacks. This allows you to develop security measures that make your network even more secure.

Data Collection

Our smart sensors continuously collect data, enabling you to constantly optimize your security strategy. By staying one step ahead of hackers and continually improving your security based on the latest information, you enhance your defense.

Easy Implementation and Management

SecurityHive’s Honeypots are easy to implement and manage. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to set up, monitor, and adjust your Honeypots. This allows you to fully focus on protecting your network without hassle.

Reduced Risk of Damage

On average, hackers remain undetected in networks for 297 days. The Honeypot reduces this. Honeypots help you not only detect attacks but also actively divert and neutralize threats. By deceiving hackers and keeping them contained in a safe environment, you reduce the risk of actual damage to your systems.

Everything you need to secure your environment

Detect & Distract

Hacker Detection detects hackers and distracts them to waste their time in a safe environment.


Get notified immediately when a hacker is detected so you can take measures.


Track and identify hackers. Detect patterns and identify hackers across attacks.


Track and identify hackers. Detect patterns and identify hackers across attacks.aIntegrate your monitoring system with our Hacker Detection to have full overview.


Extract credentials used in attacks to improve your security and policies. Was it just a bruteforce attack or an old employee?


Gather evidence for your insurance, law actions or police reports.

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