Overview of vulnerabilities found

We know your company's vulnerabilities

Discover and monitor weak spots in your network according to your company's policies. SecurityHive's Vulnerability Management guides and provides you with information. Learn more about 1 of 4 solutions in our platform.

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Easily schedule multiple type of scans.

Discover and fix vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management allows you to easily discover vulnerabilities in your network. It gives you advice on how to solve these weak spots and secure your environment without installing agents. Goodbye vulnerabilities and Shadow IT!

Detailed view of Vulnerabilities

Prepare for audits

Security is a continuous process. Our Vulnerability Management enables you to log the actions you take to solve vulnerabilities. It will also show when vulnerabilties were found or solved. Having an audit trail helps you in your next audit or when an incident occurs.

Everything you need to secure your environment

Internal Scan

Perform a scan on your internal network from network appliances to endpoints and more!

External Scan

Get to know how a hacker sees your network from the outside and discover how vulnerable you are.

Multi environment

Working in the cloud, having a traditional network or go hybrid? We scan all of them! Deploy easy and fast.


Scan and manage according to your company's policies. Let us help you to become compliant (e.g. ISO27001, BIO, custom).

Authenticated Scan

Vulnerabilities can exist on devices but may not be visible in your network. Scan your devices locally to detect these vulnerabilities.

Shadow IT

Discover all connected devices in your network including information like traceroutes, installed software, open ports and certificates.

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