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Block phishing and CEO fraud

Phishing emails are hard to recognize and a huge problem for companies. You can't even trust your CEO anymore. Mail Spectator prevents those emails to be send. Learn more about 1 of 4 solutions in our platform.

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Prevent abuse of your domain

Email domains get misused to send phishing emails. Companies and employees are a target, but what about your customers? Mail Spectator monitors and secures your domain to prevent phishing and CEO fraud. As a side-effect, your email deliverability score will increase by complying with internet standards.

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Monitor invalid email flows

Mail Spectator continuously monitors your domain. When someone abuses your domain or when your domain is configured incorrectly, you get notified. You're able to discover abuse attempts and improve both email security and deliverability.

Everything you need to secure your environment


Mail Spectator checks if your domain is configured correctly. Security recommendations are included for easy configuration.

Monitor & Alert

Monitor abuse and respond when necessary. Get notified when the configuration has changed and lowers your security level.


Receive reports from mail servers which have received an email from your domain. Check for misconfiguration in your settings or abuse by another party.

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