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DNS Guard: Protect your digital assets. All of them. Anywhere.

By Kevin Groen
March 9, 2023

SecurityHive launches a new powerful cyber security solution: DNS Guard!

Next to our Vulnerability Management, Honeypot, and Domain Security solution, our development team has been working on our newest solution named: DNS Guard. To protect organizations and employees in the early stage of the Cyber Kill Chain.

DNS Guard is a strong addition to our 3-in-1 Cyber Security Platform. Organizations and service providers are now able to block malicious queries at their source. This makes it possible to stop new threats before cybercriminals gain control of your network and devices. Even when employees are working remotely.

With the launch of DNS Guard, protecting your remote working employees, IoT devices and even your OT infrastructure is a no-brainer and implemented in minutes. 

Future-Proof Security

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and new attack techniques are emerging all the time. Implementing DNS security help future-proof a company’s network against new and emerging threats. Did you know that DNS traffic is the most popular way for cybercriminals to connect to a victim’s assets? A strong DNS security solution is the only way to protect yourself against it.

Private beta

After working for a long time on our private beta version. It's good to share some background information. At the beginning of the development, we started to guarantee processing speed. This was our first step because no one wants to experience a slow connection. We're able to receive DNS queries, and compare them with our enormous database and decide if it's a pass or block, within 0.010ms.

Beta specialists

Our customers' wishes are key to our development strategy. For six months, we've been in close contact with a group of specialists to provide us with their feedback. These are cyber security specialists, working at organizations in different industries and Managed (Security) Service Providers.

We've been continuously testing our servers and solution to maintain ten thousand queries per second. With success. This long time of development, testing, and improvement has delivered us a trustworthy security solution that has proven to be ready to do what it's made for; to protect systems and companies without their notice. 

Benefits of the public beta 

Early access to harden your security.

Companies who join our beta program can protect their organization from new attack techniques. Within 5 minutes, you know exactly why this security solution is important.

Early access to New Features

Joining our beta program provides early access to new features and functionality that may not be available to the public yet. This can give companies a competitive advantage and help them stay ahead of the curve in terms of network security.

Provide Feedback and Influence Future Developments

By participating in our beta program, companies can provide feedback and suggestions to our developers, which can influence the direction and development of the solution. This can help ensure that the final product meets the needs of the user base and is tailored to your specific requirements.

Financial benefits

Joining our beta program is 100% free and provides you with an extra discount once you decide to keep protecting your company with DNS Guard. It allows companies to use the solution and determine its efficacy before committing to any purchase. This can help companies save money and ensure that they are investing in the right solutions for their specific needs.

How to start

DNS Guards' General Availability will be launching soon. We’ve officially finished our private beta so you can sign up now to take advantage of it. Move on to get more information and sign up for our waiting list.

Ready to block malicious traffic?